Thursday, 5 June 2008 started..!!

yesterday i finished my exam..
my 3rd year exam..
I must say as much as it is exciting, it is also kinda boring!
yeah.. what is a holiday for any way..?!

Its is still starting i know.. hopefully it will get into act..
i hate that old smeller every year holiday..
just hoping for some fun this year..

pray for me and i would appreciate if u suggest some thing interesting to do.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

blogging for my moments

Don't ask about the significance of launching my e-diary today..
i don't know either.
I had it in mind long ago, i had the intention.. but why today it came to light..?
i don't know

as usually a girl with an exam tomorrow will likely be studying or revising in fact..
but maybe because it is my last exam tomorrow.. and i am kind of happy to finish..after all i get to be in year four at last.. my last year of a seven year period in collage era..!

But mostly.. because of an important thing that happened to me lately..
I think i found the real me.. i rescued that soul that was hanging between my heart and my mind..
I managed to save my soul some how before it dies.

I am blogging my dairy to prove that change to me and to the world that all ways stood in my way..

I am blogging my dairy to carve my moments on the face of days..
to prove i am living..
with love..
no matter what happens..
regardless of all pains..
i am healing..
of all hatred..
i am loving..
of all attempts to die..
i am living..

This is my heart.. living.. pulsing.. and blogging..!

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